Spille’s Honey

Spille Honey is fresh honey direct from a real Kentucky beekeeper.

We are producers of high quality, natural honey that is minimally processed to preserve the real honey flavor and its health benefits of
days gone by.

Our natural honey is made from native wildflowers, alfalfa and clover which has been strained and lightly heated, so the honey retains the “fresh from the hive” flavor.

For years Spille Honey as helped beekeepers through out the Midwest with all of their needs ranging from packaged bees to supplies. By doing this we have been able to establish relationships (a Co-Op if you will), with a few select producers from Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee.

With the growth of our business and the Co-Op of producers, we have expanded our reach to new areas of the Midwest! By doing this Spille Honey is able to produce a product not only for their neighborhood stores, but also stores thoughout the Midwest. We have always produced a product that is held to the highest standards of quality. This is why you can find Spille Honey in neighborhood grocery stores and some of the top health food stores.

At Spille Honey we understand the health benefits of local honey. That is why we produce different honey for differnet areas of the Midwest, making sure that each batch of honey goes directly to the stores closest to where it was harvested. Please check your local stores for Spille Honey. If they don’t sell it there, request that they do! We are moving into new stores and markets all of the time!


Spille’s Honey 16oz Jar


Bulk Honey


Honey In a Deco-Italian Style Bottle

The benefits of honey

The benefits of honey are universally accepted. Simple recipes using honey may offer natural relief  from respiratory ailments, improve your energy and stamina, help to heal wounds, reduce stress and so much more.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I regularly buy your honey, even when other brands are on sale. Your honey is great; you must have happy bees.

Nashville, TN

I received my package of bees today as promised. The queen looks good and the bees are happy to be in their new home. Thank you.

Mt Sterling, KY

Thanks for the follow up help on my bees. The queen is laying eggs and the hive is filling up.

Batavia, OH