3# Package of Bees with Russian Hybrid Queen


Russian Hybrid: These bees are resistant to varroa mites, which can be a huge issue with bees. No chemicals have been used with this bees. They are exceptionally hardy during the winter months and are excellent honey producers.

Pick Up

Customer can place a pre-paid order for pick-up of package bees and queens on dates posted. Their bees can be picked up from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm at School House Bees, 4041 Visalia Road, Visalia, KY 41015.

Mail Out

Package Bees and Queens can be shipped safely from our location to USPS zones 1, 2, 3, & 4. A distance beyond that usually results in a significant loss of bees (dying) before the Customer can get them. Also, the USPS does not guarantee delivery beyond Zone 4; therefore we do not ship outside of this range.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do select “Delivery”,  your bees are not sent directly to your door! They will be sent to your closest post office, who will call you as soon as you they arrive, therefore it is essential that you give an accurate phone-number.

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Pick Up or Mail Out?

Pick Up – 4/4/21, Pick Up – 3/28/20, Pick Up – 4/18/21, Pick Up – 4/11/20, Pick Up – 4/25/21, Mail Out – 4/5/21, Mail Out – 4/19/21, Mail Out – 4/13/20, Mail Out – 4/26/21, Dana Bee – 4/19/20