5-Frame Nuc with Saskatraz Queen

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Our 5-Frame Nuc comes with a proven queen, which means she is well-mated and
laying eggs in the hive. The Saskatraz bee comes exclusively from Olivares Bees. It is known to be an excellent honey producer with good wintering ability. It is selected for its increased varroa tolerace and resistance to brood diseases. Included are 3 frames of brood, 1 frame of honey and1 frame of pollen. Our Nucs come in an EZ Nuc box for your convenience. Or call ahead for an appointment and we’ll load your Nuc into your hive.

For Loading into your hive, you must bring the following:

Assembled Hive Body, lid, bottom, reducer and 5 empty frames.
By appointment, only. Call ahead.

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EZ Nuc or loaded into your hive

Easy Nuc, Load to my Hive


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